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 Squads mode

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PostSubject: Squads mode   Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:49 am


What is Squads?
Squads is a new feature being added to Ghosts, Think of it as combat training on steriods with an element of management and tactics thrown in to make it just that more in depth. Squads allows you ,or you and friends to outfit a team to battle it out against other players and their squads or solely against other Ai squads other players have made.
Ghosts has had a team working specificaly on Ai players,to beef up their intelligence and the way they play and react on screen, In ghosts the Ai you face in multiplayer will act more like real players and less like dumb computer controlled players.
It's a great way to play solo or to team up with a friend and have some real fun .The best part your squad and your own character will level up as you play.
At present Squads has been announced as a mode that will allow any map and any mode to be played but this may change before launch.

It's upto you how you outfit your squad , so as you would in a normal mulitplayer match you need to decide not just for yourself but for your entire team what class load outs is going to win you the match. But theres a twist here too.. it's possible for your squad to be challenged when you are offline! So you need to consider a good all round defensive/offensive class loadout if you arent going to be playing as someone could challange your squad and no one likes losing especially when you are offline. You can also earn xp in this offline mode as well which is a great addition (assuming your team isnt made up of the sort of players I sometimes get lumbered with when I game solo

Game modes in Squads

Squad v Squad - You and either 5 squad mates (or you can sub one ai squad member for a friend as co-op) against another player and their squad/squad+friend.

WarGame - This is most similar to combat training, you and your ai squad take on another ai squad.

Squad Assualt - you can chose to challenge either one of your offline friends or a random players squads to a match. The offline players squad chooses the map and mode and if they are sucessful in winning that squad earns xp. You will also get a notification that your squad is playing via elite or whatever its called now .

Safeguard - If you liked spec ops in mw3 this is the mode for you, unlike spec ops you can now co-op with upto 4 players for some serious wave killing action.

I think squads will really be something alot of players will love, it allows you to play solo or co-op , and is great if you want to have that full multiplayer expereince without having to deal with wondering if the rest of your team is just going to sit there doing 360's noscopes off of buildings ignoring the objective ,
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Squads mode
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